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VisAI – Companion includes a feature filled, versatile Companion AI that’s ready for customization. It features a highly detailed Command System with multiple included commands, Aggro systems, and many more features. This pack is geared towards RPG, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzler and any other games that could use a little companionship!

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The Features

Companion Features

Framework Features:

(Doc) Getting Started

How to create / design new commands for your AI (Behaviour Tree, Order State, UI Widget Addition, Command Replication from Interaction Component, Event Calls.)

You can access the tutorial by following this link here.

(Doc) Set Commands

Set Commands simply send a command to the AI. Learn how to create new Set Commands here!

(Doc) Selection Commands

Selection Commands allow your players to “Select” actors, interactables, or something else for a command. Learn how to create them here!

(Doc) Creating Interactions

We’ve streamlined the process of adding new interactions to your AI’s toolset. Check out the tutorial here to learn more!

(Doc) Designing Behaviour with the Aggro System

The Companion AI uses an aggro system to determine behaviour (optional). You can learn how to use this system to give your AI dynamic relationships & intelligent behaviour here.

How to extend AI behavior while using aggro settings. (How to design with the decision system). You can access the tutorial by following this link here.


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