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VisAI – Companion includes a feature filled, versatile Companion AI that’s ready for customization. It features a highly detailed Command System with multiple included commands, Aggro systems, and many more features. This pack is geared towards RPG, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzler and any other games that could use a little companionship!

The VisAI Framework

VisAI – Companion: Unreal Marketplace

Framework Showcase Video

Discord Community

Unreal Forums

All VisAI Templates

  • Include the VisAI Framework
  • Built for quick customization
  • Non-limiting
  • Replicated

This Template

  • Highly Customizable AI Companion Template
  • Basic Enemy Template
  • Command System w/ Command Authority
  • 10 Example Commands, Easy Creation Process
  • Modular Command UI
  • Easy Hot-key integration
  • Aggro System
  • Replicated AI & Player Interaction
  • Door, Toggle Button, Pressure Button
  • Integrated Health & Damage

VisAI – Companion includes tutorials in order for you to understand exactly how to customize the pack to your needs. If you have any questions that aren’t addressed in the tutorials, reach out through our Contact page, or through our Discord Community.

Getting Started

This tutorial will help you get started with VisAI – Companion! You’ll setup the subsystem so your files are safe, create a Companion Template, and more.

Video (WIP)

Creating & Understanding Commands

This tutorial overviews how the command system works and how you can create new commands.

Set Commands – Documentation
Selection Commands – Documentation
Video (WIP)

Creating Interactions

This tutorial outlines the process for creating new replicated Interactions with the Interaction System.

Video (WIP)

Designing Behaviour with the Aggro System

This tutorial outlines how you can influence an AI’s behaviour using the Aggro System & VisAI’s Behaviour Foundation

Video (WIP)

Below, you’ll see the Class Hierarchy for the Template Subsystem. Use it for reference when necessary. 


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