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Subsystem Creator

The VisAI Subsystem Creator will setup a new VisAI Subsystem

Subsystems are designed to give you a section of VisAI that can fully modify the base framework to its needs, without breaking update compatibility. It’s a main hub for specific sets of AI. As an example, VisAI – FPS is it’s own subsystem; as well as VisAI – Companion, and others. 

Activating any VisAI tool is as easy as going to the “Vis\AI\Base\EditorTools” folder, finding the tool, right clicking it, then selecting “Run Editor Utility Widget

Using the tool is simple. 

  1. Input the Subsystem Name; The name for your new subsystem
  2. Input the Naming Contention; The naming convention for your subsystem. Example “VisAI_FPS_AIController_Melee”

(Note: Don’t rename your subsystem manually. Don’t rename base files. If necessary, reach out through the contact form or our Discord to learn how to rename a subsystem. A tool is on the way for subsystem management) 

(To override the character limit, simply open the tool and adjust the setting in the variables tab.)

Next Steps

After creating new files, check out the AI File CreationDesigning AI, or Creating AI pages for more information on creating with VisAI. You can also check out the AI Toolkit, or even check out some of the Subsystems!

If you have any issues, reach out through the site or join our Discord Community for Support, Product News & Updates, Streams, and more.

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