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Creating Interactions

Creating an interaction is easy!

First, create a child of the Interactable Trigger Actor, or re-parent an existing blueprint, then open it.

(If you don’t want to reparent it, no problem! Interaction uses components; you can simply attach the Trigger Component and copy the functionality in the Interactable Actor Parent.)

In the event graph, search for the event “Triggered”

The event is replicated to server by default. This means that for most interactions, you won’t need to worry about replication at all! Be sure to check out this page on replication as well so you’ll be able to adjust when necessary.

To Customize the main event, you can find it in the InteractionParent_C on the Input Graph. Its name is “Input_Enter”

Next Steps

That’s it!

If you’d like some ideas for different interactions, check out the Interaction page or look at the Interactable Templates included in the “Vis\BP\Interaction” folder.

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