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Child Template

Child Templates were created to save you time when creating AI within a subsystem. They exist in the Base folder of every VisAI Subsystem, and are used by the AI Creator tool when creating new AI. 

This is what allows you to create AI in subsystems like FPS or Companion with nearly all of the settings as the template AI provided in those systems. You can use this to your advantage if you’re creating multiple AI, or simply testing things out and finding what you like.

For example, if you won’t be using the Pathfinding system in a subsystem, you can simply remove the component from the child template. This will make sure all new AI created in that subsystem won’t use that system. The same principal applies to all settings that have to do with the AI’s files.

Enjoy spending more time programming!


  • Create a Template for your AI’s subsystem
  • Save time by having your settings and features ready to go.
  • Used by the AI Creator tool for AI Creation.
  • Located in the Base folder of all VisAI Subsystems

AI Systems Used

  • All Attached, None Used.

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