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The FPS subsystem was designed to provide a fully customizable and extendable head-start for Shooter and Melee AI Behaviour. You’ll find 2 AI classes with a variety of AI behaviours, ready for any game that needs shooter or melee AI. They are packed with features and settings to give you the ability to modify them exactly the way you need.

With the FPS subsystem, you’ll have a solid foundation for building your next FPS/TPS AI.


Currently, this page represents version 1 of the FPS subsystem. Version 2 will be coming in the future.

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The Features

FPS Features

  • Ranged AI Template (Fully integrated with all features below)
  • Melee AI Template (Fully integrated with all features below)
  • AI can flee when health is low, automatically healing if enabled. Can easily be extended to work with looking for health pickups instead
  • Both AI remember when an enemy has left their sight. They know where they last were; and using this information look for them in nearby locations. Similar to how you would!
  • Both AI are Integrated with Room-based pathfinding for quick, intelligent, and seamless navigation of levels.
  • Add attack tactics to the templates in a modular way because of The Behaviour Foundation. Each tactic is effectively encapsulated in it’s own box, and can even be copy pasted from AI to AI.
  • AI use the relationship system to determine how they react to actors. Easily define friendlies, neutrals, and enemies by changing your AI’s settings.
  • Both of these templates call out to nearby friendlies when they are damaged by an enemy, giving them intelligent reactions when the battle begins.
  • Ranged & Melee are fully integrated with the Advanced Targeting system, ensuring they never get confused when the battle situation gets intense.
  • Both AI are fully integrated with the Perception System, giving them Hearing, Sight, & Touch (Collision based) capabilities.

Framework Features


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