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VisAI – FPS was designed to provide a fully customizable and extendable head-start for Shooter and Melee AI Behaviour. You’ll find 2 AI classes with a variety of AI behaviours, ready for any game that needs shooter or melee AI. They are packed with features and settings to give you the ability to modify them exactly the way you need.

With VisAI – FPS, you’ll have a solid foundation for building your next FPS AI.

The VisAI Framework

Framework Showcase Video

VisAI – FPS: Unreal Marketplace

Discord Community

All VisAI Templates

  • Include the VisAI Framework
  • Built for quick customization
  • Non-limiting
  • Replicated

This Template

  • Melee and Ranged AI Templates
  • Attack Behaviour
  • Search For Enemy/Wander Level Behaviour
  • Flee when Health is Low Behaviour
  • Integrated Health & Damage
  • Class/Referenced Based Enemies
  • Easily Adjustable Damage

VisAI FPS comes with parent files, as well as 2 child classes (Melee & Ranged). Take a look at the structure below;

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