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The Behaviour Foundation

The Behaviour Foundation is an AI design theory created by Ryan that harnesses the power of theories such as Utility AI, GOAP, State Machines, and Behaviour Trees. It works by combining a natural behaviour structure with a simple but powerful decision making system. 

The structure allows you to take full control over how your AI plans (or decides) what to do. You can easily define priorities, dependencies, plan ahead and make other advanced considerations without convoluting your AI logic. With VisAI, creating any AI type is as easy as creating Behaviour, Decision, and Action.

Behaviours are the Structure of an AI, giving you a comprehensive way to plan dynamic AI behaviour. 

Decisions are the Thought of the AI, giving you complete control over the way your AI plans its next move.

Actions are the Instructions for the AI, giving you a straightforward way to bring life to your AI. 

No mess, less confusion. Modern AI

Next Steps

Get to know more about how The Behaviour Foundation works by checking out the Designing AI or Creating AI pages. You can also find a comprehensive tutorial on design/creation with VisAI here.

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