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AI Subsystems

Subsystems are designed to give you a section of VisAI that can fully modify the base framework to its needs, without breaking update compatibility. It’s a main hub for specific sets of AI. As an example, VisAI – FPS is it’s own subsystem; as well as VisAI – Companion, and others.

VisAI Subsystems inherit from framework files, allowing them to modify the framework without changing the framework files. This allows each framework to drastically change the way that VisAI works to fit it’s needs.

VisAI comes with a template by default, but if you’ve purchased a themed pack, you’ll also receive its features.

The VisAI Template is designed to be used as a custom subsystem. You can create a new Subsystem from the template by using the Subsystem Creator Tool.

Each template comes with a set of files that inherit from the framework, ready to be modified.

Learn more about the VisAI – Template

The VisAI Example Subsystem contains a variety of example AI. They provide a useful and descriptive starting point for different AI features/types.

You’ll find the Example subsystem in every version of VisAI.

Learn more about VisAI – Examples

VisAI – FPS was designed to provide a fully customizable and extendable head-start for Ranged and Melee AI Behaviour. You’ll find 2 AI classes with a variety of AI behaviours, ready for any game that needs shooter or melee AI. They are packed with features and settings to give you the ability to modify them exactly the way you need.

With VisAI – FPS, you’ll have a solid foundation for building your next Shooter/Melee AI.

Learn more about VisAI – FPS

VisAI – Companion includes a feature filled, versatile Companion AI that’s ready for customization. It features a highly detailed Command System with multiple included commands, Aggro systems, and many more features. This pack is geared towards RPG, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzler and any other games that could use a little companionship!

Learn more about VisAI – Companion


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