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The Ranged AI Class was built to provide a solid foundation that can be built upon. You’ll find an advanced, reactive AI that’s packed with powerful features designed to save you time.

It can remember where it last saw enemies, hunting them down by looking in nearby areas before giving up after a set time. It reacts to damage instantly, giving it a more lifelike feel to players and making sure it doesn’t get damaged without fighting back. It has no issue handling multiple targets, automatically choosing the closest target that damages them. It’s setup and ready for animations, customization, and so much more.

You can easily add to, modify, and remove any part of the AI’s functionality to fit your needs. The template was built with customization in mind, and has been crafted to make the process as quick and seamless as possible. If there’s something you won’t use, you’ll easily be able to integrate your own solution or turn it off/remove it to save performance.

All AI Templates

  • Modular
  • Built for quick customization
  • Non-limiting
  • Replicated
  • Optimized
  • Heavily Bug-tested, swiftly updated when bugs are found.

This Templates Features

  • Replicated Ranged using Projectiles (with optional Line Trace option)
  • Hunt down lost enemies by checking nearby areas and rooms
  • Flee & recover when health is low
  • Easily handles multiple targets, focusing on the closest nearby enemy that has damaged it most recently. (could easily be configured to focus based on lowest health or otherwise)
  • Optional Friendly Fire settings, easily set who’s an enemy or friendly.

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