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Coming in VisAI 2.0! (not yet released)

The Shopkeeper was built alongside the garbage collector to provide an example on how you can hold multiple Behaviours within the same Behaviour Tree with miminal overhead. Shopkeeper and Garbage Collector can switch jobs at any time seamlessly.

The shopkeeper walks around the store to provide a more natural feel. They’ll walk to the main counter when the player does, and wander the store when they do.

You can easily add to, modify, and remove any part of the AI’s functionality to fit your needs. The template was built with customization in mind, and has been crafted to make the process as quick and seamless as possible. If there’s something you won’t use, you’ll easily be able to integrate your own solution or turn it off/remove it to save performance.

All AI Templates

  • Modular
  • Built for quick customization
  • Non-limiting
  • Replicated
  • Optimized
  • Heavily Bug-tested, swiftly updated when bugs are found.

This Templates’ Features

  • Great Example for Job Switching
  • Overviews Basic AI Goal Execution
  • Perfect for those just starting VisAI & getting into more advanced AI
  • Reacts to Player location
  • Can switch to Garbage Collector easily with extremely minimal overhead, the cost of checking an enumeration.

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