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The Future of VisAI (2.0)

VisAI was first released on the Unreal Marketplace in May of 2019, and has been growing ever since. As the framework has evolved, so has the way that you create AI.

With a full release of Unreal Engine 5 right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to bring the VisAI framework into the next generation.

Version 2.0 is a huge step into the future for VisAI. Among upgrades like new tools & features & a C++ Core, VisAI will be getting a streamlined structure.

Until this point, VisAI’s unique theory has relied on a mix of Behaviour Tree, Behaviour Tree Actions, & functions held in the AI controller to determine the AI’s behaviour. This works well, but unfortunately keeps the framework from reaching its full potential.

2.0 will streamline VisAI by providing both a more modular C++ core & a unique interface for creating AI. It will also include several quality of life updates & a variety of new tools & features. Take a look at some of what’s outlined below:

Visit the Public Roadmap here for more info!

If you have a paid VisAI pack, you’ll automatically receive the 2.0 upgrade when it’s released. If you have Community, you’ll need to purchase a VisAI pack in order to get the 2.0 update.

Purchase VisAI now to:

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