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With VisAI, Behaviour defines what’s possible for the AI, and Decisions are handling what the AI should be doing. All that’s left, is actually doing it; that’s where Actions come in. 

Actions are essentially just Behaviour Tree Tasks, designed to be straightforward. They are run in order from left to right, and are encapsulated within a Plan. Some Plans may have many Actions, some may only have one. It’s up to the designer! 

As an Example:

For an advanced Plan such as “Tactical Attack”, you might have the Actions “Find Nearby Vantage Point”, “Fire Weapon”, “Throw Grenade”, “Use Ability”, or something else more fitting. 

Actions provide you an easy way to define how an AI can complete a plan. Use them in cohesion with Decisions. For example, “Find Nearby Vantage Point” needs to be successful, so you would want to incorporate a check for nearby vantage points in the decision to ensure the Action is successful. 

Next Steps

Let’s move onto creating behaviour!

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