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Getting Started

If you haven’t started the Designing AI page yet, please visit that page by clicking here. Creating an AI is a straightforward process: 

  1. Create Files
  2. Design/Create Behaviours
  3. Design/Create Decisions
  4. Design/Create Actions

During this process, you’ll have access to the AI Toolkit, designed to give you access to powerful tools and speed up your development. 

Take a look at the image below: 

This shows an overview of the AI creation process in VisAI. As you can see, the Toolkit is designed to assist you in every step. 

To learn more about what’s available to you, visit the AI Toolkit page here

As an overview: 

Behaviour is the design of your AI, it’s overall capability.

Decisions are the thought, allowing you to easily control how your AI makes decisions.

Actions are the instructions, or steps to achieve something.

Next Steps

Let’s move onto creating the files for your new AI

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