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AI Creator

The AI Creator Tool was designed to give you a quick way to setup the files necessary to create a new AI. 

Using the AI Creator, you’ll get a new set of files created within any AI subsystem you’ve created, or one’s you’ve purchased. If you’re creating in a subsystem that you’ve purchased, your AI will come setup with the features of that subsystem. As an example, AI created with the FPS subsystem will inherit common FPS features such as wandering and looking for enemies. 

The tool is designed to create all files necessary for a new AI, including AI Controller, Behaviour Tree, Character(*), and Animation Blueprint(*). It will also assign the settings in each for you, saving time. 

Activating any VisAI tool is as easy as going to the “Vis\AI\Base\EditorTools” folder, finding the tool, right clicking it, then selecting “Run Editor Utility Widget

Using the tool is easy. Simply enter the desired subsystem, an AI name, then hit “Accept. 

Your new files will be located within the Subsystem’s folder. Example; “Vis/AI/FPS/AINameHere”

As stated before, your files are ready to use! You can begin modifying right away.

Next Steps

After creating new AI files, check out the Designing AI or Creating AI pages for more information on creating with VisAI. You can also check out the AI Toolkit, or even check out some of the Subsystems you can create new AI with.

If you have any issues, reach out through the site or join our Discord Community for Support, Product News & Updates, Streams, and more. 

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