VisAI 1.4.0 | Changelog

VisAI 1.4.0 is live!

UE5 Support & Bugfixes were the main focus for this build 🙂

On top of the changes to the project, you can now find a Public Roadmap & more on the Official VisAI Information Portal. The idea is that this one link is all you’ll need to find any info!

We’ve also added new ways to get support & engage with the Community! You can now join us on Matrix, Telegram & more to come 🥳

Consider sharing your project with all of us in the Community if you haven’t yet! Happy devving 👋🙂

VisAI | Version 1.4.0 | Update (June 7th 2022)


Official VisAI Information Portal

Public Roadmap
Unreal Engine 5 Support

Editor Tool Visuals for UE5

New Inputs for UE5
Fixed “Look At” Action

Manual Vision Check

Character Bind Updated

Improper Enemy / Target Check

Set Walk Speed Option

Error when Adding AI

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