VisAI 1.3.2 | Changelog

VisAI 1.3.2 is live!

This time we’re bringing you a new Example AI, the beginnings of the new Python Framework, a new template backup/restore system, and more!

We’ve also posted the first of many tutorials to come;
VisAI | Designing and Creating AI in Unreal Engine 4.

Take a look at the changes!

VisAI | Version 1.3.2 | Update (March 29th 2021)




  • Hide and Seek: A new, very basic “Hide and Seek” style AI that shows how you can build an AI with the bare minimum. The AI will run away from the player, and attempt to find a hiding place. 


  • Python Framework: The beginning of the new Python based features of VisAI, which will automate various processes in coordination with Editor Utility Widgets.
  • Python Updating System: System to handle updates to the new Python Framework. 
  • Template Backup System: Template files can now be restored using a python command from within Unreal Engine’s output log. Previously, you needed to reimport the pack in order to get a new template. This will eventually happen automatically, but for now, python limitations within 4.23 are hindering me from doing this. More information here



  • Woodcutter Example: Lots of blueprint cleanup
  • Template Asset Updates: Added Template Decision Functions to Child and Parent AI controllers.


  • Python Data Management: VisAI now stores data in a custom file,  which offers more flexibility than the old data table based system.


  • Added “Location When Damaged” and “Location of Damage” to damage tracking.
  • Added settings to enable/disable all types of tracking easily.
  • Added IsValid checks to necessary locations in Targeting System



  • Fixed a bug that AI would sometimes not set Behaviour correctly at the start of a game.

  • Fixed a bug where damage tracking would attempt to track damage after a player died.

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